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Mind Body Counseling

Mind Body Wellness Coaching & Counseling can be invaluable in your life. It has been shown that the very telling of our stories heals. When we don’t express our deepest experiences and feelings, symptoms can develop in our bodies as well as in our thoughts. Conversely, when we are able to share our feelings with someone who really listens, we can release these held upsets and allow long term symptoms to ease.

Dr. Nicky Silver has studied extensively with The Center for Mind Body Medicine under the direction of Dr. James Gordon as well as with holistic health pioneers including Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Carl Simonton, and Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross. She also incorporates her extensive studies in psychosynthesis into her approach to mind-body wellness coaching.

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“The Body Never Lies” by Dr. Nicky Silver


I went to see Nicky. She asked me a bunch of questions (more than the doctor at the hospital ever did) and did some simple test then did some work on my shoulder. I had positive results the following day. After a few days I was 100% and have been ever since. THANK YOU DR.NICKY!!

Ezequiel C.
San Leandro, CA

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