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Sound Healing

Sound Healing is the intentional use of sound to restore harmony and balance in our mind/body. What is unique about sound healing is that this skill is easily taught and readily accessible for each of us to use to benefit our well being.

Dr. Nicky Silver is a graduate of the certificate program in Sound, Voice, Music and Healing from California Institute of Integral Studies under the direction of Silvia Nakkach. She began exploring sound healing with the New England Sound Healers in 1985 and has studied chanting since 2004 primarily with Shefa Gold. Currently Dr. Nicky teaches Sound Healing classes and leads a chanting group.

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After I had seen her once or twice, my trainer commented that I was literally walking differently--much smoother, obviously in a lot less pain. I only wish we lived closer to one another, so I could see her more frequently.

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