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Anya D.I've seen my share of chiropractors and what sets Dr Nicky apart is her genuine warmth & care. I'm a health practitioner myself (& super-picky as a result), so when I experienced Dr Nicky's treatment, I was surprised by how deep her work went with me (beyond physical I mean!) I walked out feeling so good that I took a little extra time for myself to keep the feeling...you owe it to your body/mind to get treated by Dr Nicky if you've been looking for someone who's not only knowledgable and physically skilled-you want someone who will make a difference.

Anya D.
Berkeley, CA

Rachelle P.  Sometimes people come into your life in the most unexpected of ways, with the most (wonderful) and unexpected of consequences. Nicky found me, initially, as a color consultant for her new office. At the end of our meeting, we chatted a bit about her practice. I had a laundry list of orthopedic issues that seemed to be adding up. I enjoyed working with her, so we scheduled an appointment for the following week!

In our first session, I gave her the rundown- numerous childhood gymnastic sprains and strains, pre-tear ACL conditions in my knee from a skiing accident, a detached tendon in the arch of my foot from a misstep, and occasional lower back pain from a pinched nerve. Doctors had recommended surgery for both the knee (6 years ago) and foot (3 years ago), but I'd opted instead to keep (literally) limping along. Though not tremendously painful, these injuries have affected the quality of my life. My husband and I have a very active lifestyle, and I had been limited from skiing as well as backpacking for the better part of our relationship. I was ready for that to change.

Nicky invited me to open a different narrative, letting go of the one that said, "I can't, I shouldn't, I won't ever be able to...", and exploring one of healing and of possibility. She helped me tune into my body's positioning and imbalances, understanding the connections between all of the unhappy pieces and parts. Gradually, through gentle chiropractic care, deep tissue myofascial release, and craniosacral therapy, she is untwisting my many years of cumulative crookedness! I feel straighter and better aligned. I find more ease in yoga postures that once gave me trouble. And most exciting, I hiked last week for the first time without a whisper of pain in my knee, arch or low back!

Aside from being an intuitive and gifted healer, Nicky is accessible and funny! She is a woman of broad interests and many talents, and I enjoy our conversations as much as the physical results of our work. I can't recommend her enough!

Rachelle P.
Berkeley, CA

I am so grateful to have met Nicky. She integrates her extensive knowledge of the body with a variety of tools, techniques and methods to create the best individualized session for what your body and spirit need in that moment. Her exceptional ability to listen to your situation supports overall healing and makes you feel genuinely cared about. I was deeply healed and supported physically and emotionally for a chronic shoulder pain and a traumatic injury. I always leave sessions feeling profound shifts on many levels. Nicky is a one-of-a-kind healer and I feel so thankful to have found her. I fully recommend her. Aloha!

Lindsey M.
Oakland, CA

I have been to countless chiropractors but unfortunately my experience has been that I only feel OK for a few hours after I leave their offices. Dr. NIcky Silver is a truly caring and gifted practitioner.. She cares about the whole person, the interactions among the various systems--physical, emotional & spiritual, and is amazingly intuitive. She knew exactly where to touch and press to help with my knee pain. After I had seen her once or twice, my trainer commented that I was literally walking differently--much smoother, obviously in a lot less pain. I only wish we lived closer to one another, so I could see her more frequently.

Indigo P.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Nicky Silver really saved my shoulder. I had the sharpest pain in my shoulder for weeks. I could only sleep in a computer chair the pain was so bad! I went and got a MRI and I had an X ray and the doctors told I had a calcium build up and inflamed tendinitis. I was taking anti inflammatory pills, norco, and wearing a sling but I wasn't getting better. I went to see Nicky. She asked me a bunch of questions (more than the doctor at the hospital ever did) and did some simple test then did some work on my shoulder. I had positive results the following day. After a few days I was 100% and have been ever since. THANK YOU DR.NICKY!!

Ezequiel C.
San Leandro, CA

Nicky is a wonderful healer. She listens closely to the patient, carefully watches your walking and movement, asks pertinent questions, and thus is an excellent diagnostician.
She has very good hands, and good manipulation skills. I always feel renewed when i leave her office.
I wholeheartedly recommend Nicky.

Jane H.
Berkeley, CA

I want to tell you about a fabulous woman, Nicky Silver, who I started to get treatments from some time ago. When I came home from my first appointment my partner said : you walk differently!
I had problems with my back for a big part of my adult life. Nicky's great combination of 30 years of experience and her intuitive approach works wonders for me! I feel more hopeful than ever that I don't have to age with pain and discomfort! She does not "crack" my bones (with which in the past other chiropractors have hurt me more than helped) instead she is working with my muscles and my posture. Nicky has a wide range of treatment styles that she fits into what your needs are.

Nicky Silver is a masterful woman. Her chiropractic skills have helped me many times. It's like she has fingers that can see:)
I highly recommend her.

Eva P.
Oakland, CA

Nicky is wonderful. She has such a big heart and is so knowledgeable and uses techniques that are not threatening but deeply healing. She's interested in your health from a holistic systemic perspective, not just physical alignment and truly invested in the whole you.

Neil H.
Oakland, CA

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