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Dr. Nicky Silver

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Dr. Nicky Silver has been a chiropractor, holistic health care practitioner and coach as well as an advanced craniosacral therapist for well over 40 years, comforting people in pain and discomfort.   In addition to treating traditional physical ailments, Nicky has also been caring for those suffering from deep challenges, specifically working with women who have been sexually abused as well as working with low income woman suffering from cancer at The Charlotte Maxwell Complimentary Clinic.

Additionally, Nicky has worked with people confronting end-of-life care issues.  This has included comforting the bereaved, working as a hospice care volunteer and participating in hands on Jewish rituals around death and dying.  She has presented as a keynote speaker at a national organization entitled Kavod v’Nichum and has taught courses about death and dying (most recently through the Aquarian Minyan in Berkeley, CA).

In addition to Wise Aging Trainings, Nicky has been teaching different healing classes (Turning your Relationship with your Body from Adversary to Ally, The Spiritual Aspect of Forgiveness, and different aspects of Jewish rituals around death, dying, grief and mourning).

Presently Nicky has a successful coaching practice (online and in-person), supporting those in physical and emotional pain using both complementary and alternative physical healing methods as well as spiritual aspects of healing. While she takes her work seriously, she doesn't take herself seriously and loves to add humor into her work.

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