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The Silver Tsunami is here.   Millions of baby boomers are the new Senior Citizens.  However, in our society the old dreaded concepts about aging still exists. 

In our youth-oriented society, most of us have grown up with a deep-seated fear and loathing of old age.  Growing older generally means uselessness, helplessness, wrinkled skin, and chronic illnesses. To counter this perspective, we desperately swallow our fears and pretend that 70 is the new 50, grateful when someone “compliments” us saying “you look great for your age.”  This is the societal unspoken goal in life—to look young for as long as possible.

Yet the reality is that as long as we are alive, we are constantly aging.   And, we are constantly dealing with deep-seated ageism that exists in this society.  Agism is a social issue and not an individual “problem” that we need to handle alone.   Rather, society has painted a very narrow and prejudiced perspective about what aging is about.    We are given the doom and gloom projection and not the possibility of aging with purpose and awareness. Likewise, we get no information about ways to cultivate joy which is the real secret to staying young.

Therefore, the purpose of this group is to honor the many authentic concerns we share about aging while opening to a larger perspective about aging.  Together we can explore many assumed beliefs we buy into, often unconsciously that actually impedes our ability to be our best healthy selves.   

In this community of like-minded women, we can both learn from each other and support each other in this stage of life. We will be exploring serious topics with a light hearted touch.

This is a free Zoom meetup for any woman who is interested in shining light and awareness on many aspects of aging.

Generally, each Meet Up group will have information on a specific topic around aging. There will often be suggestions for healing activities to do to enhance your experience with these topics (always optional).


1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 5:00 - 6:30PM PST

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